ola, ola ola!!!

really long time no updating rite??
so what have i been doing in the time??
i watched Korean Drama…
what drama u asked??
well i knew i’m bit off scheduled, i was watching Personal Taste….

Jeon JinHo n Park Gae In are really amazing character….
and heck i love JinHo finally design for the Dam Art Gallery
an apple or an apology (apple n apology sound the same in Korean)

so sweet i said…

now i’m watching Playful Kiss but only up to Ep. 6 bcoz internet connection is too slow….i want to watch more!!!

(omo, i’m so jealous of the kissing scene in ep. 6 oppa why why why??) LOL

then the latest issue, bombing of Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea…omo~~seriously i wonder if they really want to kill some one, why dont kill themselves first ,taste how painful is it then if its ok with the killing then they can kill other ( ok it’s the stupidest ideology but hey it’s mine and i believe it that way…)

but sorry cant share any pic of the incident can find any pic actually…

anyway i wanna kill my internet connection…9 hours??who wants to wait!!apparently i am…
then i just realized i only have 4 drama collection (korean that is) in my laptop and each one have my favorite idol,
1. Boys Over Flower – Kim Hyun Joong of SS501
2. Personal Taste – Im Seulong of 2AM
3. You’re Beautiful – Jung YongHwa of C.N. Blue
4. Playful Kiss – Kim Hyun Joong of SS501

omo~~~star dazzle…
and here is the end….
so see u later
❤ Nina Aziz