Living up to the name….

This is a pretty t ense post i think…at first i wanna do a post as my friend requested…but then i realized i haven’t been truthful enough for any of my friend…
Well if you are a PreLawrians, u probably knew that, the result, well my result was really devastating…yes it is…not that i hate it or whatsoever…it just that i got good cgpa, yup no lies there but sadly, and amazingly shocking, i failed a paper, well not very shocking to me coz i’ve got this hunch that i’m going to fail, so there i am…
yeah there i admit ,i fail a paper and i’m not afraid to admit, because i’m tired of ignoring others who asked and i’m tired of saying, “ok la…lpas,,,”heck it’s not a wonderful feeling….

Rawr!!i'm BRAVE HEART!!

but i do have a feeling that i’m brave enough to admit what some of my buddies afraid to tell…
yeah..i feel good bout it….

plus i feel quite happy bcause it’s my result if i failed it’s my mistake…the mistake that i , myself had made…
so for those who still didn’t believe i say, i’m happy that i knew i’m an imperfect human…and i loove being imperfect……..


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